Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Plain Mead: Tasting

Before I moved, I made my first batch of mead ever.  It was surprisingly simple, just mixing up honey and water.  I kept it basic on purpose, I wanted to see what it would taste like without any chemical additions or fruit.  I've read that the quality and flavor of the mead is directly relate to the quality and flavor of the honey.  Basically, if you like the taste of the honey, you'll like the taste of the mead.  I've never really thought about the way honey tastes, other than "it tastes like honey".  That is definitely going to change now.

My 1 gallon batch netted me 8 bottles.  I bottled 4 bottles as still mead (no carbonation, like a wine) and dosed 4 bottles with 10 grams of honey.  I opened one of each bottle, hoping to compare.  Despite using twice as much honey as I would normally use, shooting for something close to champagne, the carbonated bottle was almost completely flat. I'm thinking most of the yeast died of the alcoholic conditions of the mead.  I would re-dose the bottles, but I waxed them.

As you can see in the picture, it a pale straw/yellow color.  The top of the bottle was amazingly clear (until it made the glass fog).  I didn't rack the mead (I went straight from primary to bottle, no bottling bucket) so there was some sediment in the bottom of the bottle. 

I'm surprised how much the smell of the honey comes through.  Really excited for experimenting with other honeys (like a peach blossom honey I bought).  Unfortunately this was grocery store brand wild flower honey, so the overall smell is underwhelming and muddled.

Zero alcohol taste, surprising for being 13% ABV.  The honey flavor is much less apparent in the taste than in the smell.  Overall taste is most similar to water with a little honey added.  I'm very surprised with how uninteresting it is.

Much less body than a normal wine.  Not much is going on here, fairly boring.

Overall + Thoughts
Not bad for a first shot.  Interested to see how it ages.  I didn't add any chemicals to the initial blend. I tested in the glass with some acid blend.  Next batch with this honey will get some acid blend and/or fruit to mask the uninteresting taste of the honey.


  1. We did a run of Austin Homebrew Supply's Ale Mead earlier. It came out tasty, but it certainly didn't carbonate. I think that carbonation is a tricky task for mead.


  2. I have another 6 pounds of this poor quality honey that will probably get used in a few melomels, so that it isn't the primary flavor. One of my new coworkers has a local bee hive, I'm really excited to get to use that honey soon!


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