Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Complete Joy of Finding a Grain Mill

Finally got a chance to brew last weekend. I've been stuck with 4 batches mixed and ready to go.... except they weren't milled. And I don't have a mill.

I had been using the grain mill at New Republic Brewing, but after moving to Dallas I've been mill-less. (By the way, it takes skill to use the grain mill at a commercial microbrewery for 1 gallon batches of beer.)

I had been going to a wine making shop near where I'm living now. They had limited beer brewing equipment, but I was compensating for that with online ordering. I always had this picture of homebrew shops as a magical place that smells like grain and the staff talks to you about brewing like you're a long lost friend. Basically a homebrew club that sells you stuff. The wine making store didn't offer these things. I always got the feeling I was being hurried to finish shopping, and they didn't have a public grain mill. That was really the issue, because I had unmilled grain. Well it turned out that Homebrew Headquarters has several public mills. They restored my faith in homebrew shops, too. As I was checking out, I joined in on a conversation about crystal grains in extract vs. all grain, which I'll ask to the blogosphere soon.

I don't want my blog to be a series of commercials, but these guys made me able to brew again so I'm happy.

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